Does Xbox have virtual reality games?

Virtual reality games have been gaining steam in the last few years and with the release of the standalone VR headsets, it is only a matter of time before everyone gets a VR gaming device.

So what would happen to the old school consoles like Xbox? Will they still be relevant in the VR world?

 Absolutely. Veteran consoles like Xbox have a lot of insight into the gaming industry and they plan to utilise that knowledge in retaining their client base and even increasing their numbers in the coming years.

Although Microsoft has not released any official VR headsets, the following devices are compatible with the Xbox family.

Oculus Rift: Microsoft recently released streaming support for Xbox in the form of an app. So the latest VR headset is compatible with the master of the console world.

GenBasic Quad HD: This is a more affordable VR headset that can work with Xbox. Although from a relatively unknown company, the headset has excellent specifications. It can be used in Wireless as well as wired mode.

BENEVE 3D Glasses VR Headset: This is another VR headset that works with Xbox. It needs Nibiru Android app to connect with the console. It comes with a built-in 1.8 GHz CPU and is priced reasonably.

PlayStation VR: One of the best things to connect to your Xbox is a PlayStation VR. It needs no additional customisation or setup to work with the Xbox.

 Although these headsets are compatible with Xbox, the setup does not give a fully immersive VR experience. This shortcoming may improve in the future.

Now that we have sorted a few headsets, let face the big question. Where to get VR games for Xbox?

We went to check the Xbox store and found four or five games that are VR enabled. All-time favourite games like MineCraft, Metal Gear Rising and a few other titles were available for purchase as VR games. But don’t let the shortage of titles bother you.

 There is a big world out there beyond Microsoft store to buy Xbox games.

If you already have an Xbox and are thinking of buying a VR headset, the best bet would be to buy a standalone unit like the Oculus Go. Using your smartphone, Oculus Go connects to Oculus store and viola you are ready for your VR experience.

 If you already have an Xbox console and you have purchased Oculus Rift, you can use Xbox One Streaming app to play almost any of your Xbox titles on your VR headset.

When playing regular games, the VR headset will act like a giant screen. Non-VR optimised games will still look two-dimensional, but it would still be enjoyable.

 Before you purchase a new headset or the games, check for the compatibility issues.

 Microsoft is working towards the augmented reality (or mixed reality) technology with its HoloLens and has steered clear of the virtual reality side of the business. But there are also rumours of the next version of Xbox supporting VR technology.

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