Best PSVR games for 2018

Sony has made leaps and bounds in the virtual reality race and they are undoubtedly winning in the console market. As of yet, Microsoft and Xbox languish behind with no VR support for their consoles. Sony, however, has created the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset that is regarded as one of the best on the market today.

This headset and virtual reality system is fully compatible with the PlayStation 4 and offers a fantastic range of purpose-built games that allow you to explore beautiful VR worlds. If you have a PlayStation and are considering purchasing a VR headset, the following are 5 top games that feature virtual reality technology compatible with the PlayStation VR headset:

1. Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim are one of the most well-known franchises in the world. These games feature beautiful fantasy landscapes together with a storyline that is engaging and immersive. It stands to reason that a VR version of Skyrim, therefore, is simply divine. Skyrim VR has been specially designed for VR and it feels wonderful – the controls are realistic and the VR experience is like nothing else.

2. Tumble VR

Tumble VR is a fun and exciting puzzle game in which you must attempt to create various different towers using an array of shapes at your disposal. This might sound easy but it truly tests your logic, dexterity, and balance to the max. You can use the PSVR motion controller to use your actual hands to pick up and move the shapes. As you progress the challenges become increasingly difficult but still fun!

3. Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission

Although this is only a single mission and last for approximately 15 minutes, the virtual reality experience is superb. Who wouldn’t want to jump into an iconic X-Wing and engage in battle as part of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire? For Star Wars fans this is an absolute must and what’s more, it is free for anyone who has purchased Battlefront for the PlayStation.

4. Superhot VR

This is a fighting and combat experience like nothing else! You must eliminate a range of enemies using weapons and your body parts. You can control the movements and actions of your character using the VR controls which makes it feel like you are actually part of the action. Whilst the graphics are not amazing, the gameplay and virtual reality mechanisms take this game to another level!

5. Rigs

What happens when you combine basketball together with huge mechanized robots? You get Rigs which is a fun and frantic virtual reality creation. You must compete in the MCL (Mechanized Combat League) with your team of three robots – during each match you must attempt to score baskets by pushing your robot through the goal in the center of the map. This might sound a little bizarre, but the VR gameplay is so much fun!

These are just a handful of the games available that feature virtual reality technology – there are many more to sample on the PlayStation. In the future, we should see even more games developed exclusively for virtual reality, and the technology should only become more immersive and entertaining.

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