Once You Try VR Porn, You Will Never Be The Same

No one would expect the porn industry to be behind technological advancements. But, when it comes to anything which makes it easier to watch pornography, they have been at the front lines. The same thing is happening now with virtual reality. While other industries have been hesitant to put money in VR technology, porn has not. Instead, they have been trailblazers churning out high-quality Virtual Reality porn videos, sex toys and much more.

Perhaps they know that once a person tries viewing porn using VR headgear, they will never go back to traditional porn. According to statistics, social media, user comments and other criteria, this appears to be the case. Millions who have already tried looking at virtual reality porno attest to that. They boast and rave about how gratifying and immersive VR porno is. Not only that, how vastly different it is from normal porn. It is safe to say that once a person puts on a pair of VR goggles, they will never put them down.

In truth, everything is about results, numbers and statistics. All three of these appear to be on the side of virtual reality. The past year alone, the VR porn category has shot up past many others. The genre has increased by almost 300%. VR headsets sales have also gone through the roof. Although there are numerous platforms which use virtual reality, most people seem to prefer pornography. That’s according to Google Trends and other stats. Clearly, individuals are using VR headsets to check out virtual reality adult content.

The only way to understand why this is so, is to explain how different virtual reality porn is from traditional. While one is captured in 2D, VR is 3 dimensional. Sex scenes are recorded using 360-degrees angles. Doing so renders viewers the experience of feeling like they are closer to the action. So much so that a person may step back when the sex begins to take place. A character in a VR porn video who puts her tits in front of you, will make you want to reach out and touch them. In some cases, you will think and feel as if you actually can. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the 180-degree POV periphery. All the while the sex action is going down, you have a POV as if you are in front of it all.

The point of view method is very important and popular among viewers of adult content. Using the POV keyword will render numerous results. Many adult sites have POV as a category already. The reason that is so is due to how close to the action one feels. Plus, it allows the person to feel as if he or she is more in control. One can compare it to a strip club atmosphere or a private lap dance. You sit there and let the girl in front of you do her thing. While you can look, you won’t be able to touch. But, it is as close to what is happening as you will ever be.

Virtual reality porno makes a person feel like they are in the room where the sex is going down. When you see a sultry woman with her legs spread open, the viewer thinks she is there for the taking. As she screams and moans, you think you are the one fucking her and giving her cock. Most people who try virtual reality porn, are startled, shocked and surprised. That’s because they never expected to be so real and close to the sex acts. It is truly an immersive experience unlike anything one has ever seen.

Pornography has always been popular because it helps people find relief and answers. It could be sexual release via masturbation or curiosity about certain sexual topics. Virtual reality goes a step further since it gives the user an out-of-body kind of experience. The fact that many VR porn videos are interactive, also adds to the adventure and enjoyment. People are able to explore their fetishes in more detail. There are no limits to what you can do and view in a virtual reality porn world. Whatever kinks or ideas that may have been too wild, off limits or illegal, do not apply in the VR universe.

In addition to VR, there’s also augmented reality to think about. AR has even more potential when it comes to the future it has in porno. Both are changing not only how people view adult content, but how they interact with it. Sex and intimacy are also being altered for the better. At least when it pertains to those who delight in viewing pornography.

The adult industry knows that porno can be extremely addicting. They also understand that once a person puts on a VR headset, they may never put it down. Since VR porno is much more addicting than traditional porn, the writing is on the wall. Once you try virtual reality porn, you will be hooked.